• About Liljas Plast


Liljas Plast in Hillerstorp has grown as a Swedish family enterprise:

1964: Liljas Plast is formed. It has been a family-run business ever since.
1979: Kjell Granstrand acquires Liljas Plast.
1987: The subsidiary Polymed Hygienics AB starts up. The cleanroom is built.
2001: BoBe Plastindustri AB, Vansbro, is acquired.
2005: Liljas Plast starts its own business in China (Suzhou): Liljas Plastic LTD.
2008: Liljas Plast acquires Polymega.
2016: Liljas Plast builds a new 3000 sq m production unit in Hillerstorp. Moves in in March 2016.
2020: Liljas Plast builds a further 4500 sq m in Hillerstorp, and moves in August 2020.

Today, Liljas Plast is still run as a 100% privately owned family company.

Industrial history:

The picture was taken at the company Hörle Tråd, which was started in 1917 by great-grandfather and entrepreneur Johan E. Pettersson.